About Me

Postpartum care is my passion. The need to nurture the new mother through nourishment of mind and body, giving the space to slow down and build an intimate bond with your new baby.

postpartum doula Natalie and her family sitting on a bench outside. Joined by her husband, twin sons and daughter

My Story

I’m Natalie and I am a doula.  I am married and have three of my own children, ten-year-old twin boys and a five-year-old daughter.  My journey to this point has been quite different to birth work; before having my own children I worked within multinational organisations running and supporting their hiring functions as a recruitment manager.  My husband and I lived in Dubai for five years where I became pregnant with twins and birthed for the first time.


After a difficult journey to get pregnant, and undergoing intrauterine insemination (IUI), I suffered with pre-eclampsia towards the end which resulted in my waters breaking spontaneously at 35 + 1 weeks.  I birthed my twins via caesarean and distressingly both needed to stay in neonatal intensive care (NICU), one for two weeks, the other for three. I was passionate about breastfeeding so started my journey via expressing, and when the boys were strong enough, we managed tandem feeding and direct breastfeeding, although the expressing continued!


When my twins were 11 months old, we moved back to the UK.  Four years later, I fell pregnant naturally with my daughter.  The pregnancy was much smoother, although harder as I had four-year-old twins to look after!  Again, I birthed via caesarean at 41+5 weeks and my daughter came home with me the following day. My breastfeeding journey second time round was easier, despite a tongue tie (which both my twins also had!) and I still nurse her now, providing emotional security when she needs it.


I’ve always been drawn to new mothers and babies. My experience of motherhood has pulled me in to explore more of the transition mothers go through when moving from maiden to mother, and mother again. I am a huge believer that it takes a village to raise a child, and a mother.  We were never meant to do this alone.  Mothers should be held and guided by the women around us who have birthed before us.  I want to act as that village for you.  I want to support you and your family in this transition.  I want to help you find your intuition and parent your baby as is intrinsically right for you.  By holding space for you, and providing a space to rest and nourish yourself, you will find this within you.  And then when you’re ready, I’ll move on leaving you to enjoy your family deeply connected and bonded.

My Experience

As an experienced mum to three, including twins, I have knowledge of:

Fertility issues



Caesarean birth

Premature birth

‘Overdue’ birth


Tandem breastfeeding

Extended breastfeeding


Formula feeding

Tongue ties

Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)

Births abroad and in UK

Reusable nappies


Gentle parenting

My Training

Nurturing Birth Expansive Doula Course 2022

“The Infant Microbiome” Your Baby’s Biome 2022

First Aid for Baby & Child British Red Cross 2022

Bring Relief with your Debrief The Traumatic Birth Recovery College 2023

Infant Feeding Coach™ The Infant Feeding Academy 2024


 Advanced DBS Checked


 FEDANT Registered Doula & Breastfeeding Counsellor


As a FEDANT Registered professional you can be assured that I adhere to rigorous standards of education and practice, demonstrating my commitment to excellence when guiding you through the exciting journey of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond


“Getting to know Natalie, we knew she was exactly the right person to rely on”


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