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About Me

I'm Natalie, the face behind Mother Nurture. I'm here because I'm passionate about how new mothers are nurtured and celebrated after the birth of their child.

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I specialise in providing all round birth, postpartum and breastfeeding support for new mothers during their transition in to motherhood. I cover three main areas of support; emotional, practical, and educational. I take influence from ayurveda and traditional postpartum practices which shape the care I provide to you.

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Raw, compelling, and hopefully insightful, my blogs aim to share my research and passions within this space, as well as personal journeys, including my own, in to motherhood.

“I’m so glad I asked Natalie to support me postnatally this time around...She provided the reassurance that I didn’t have to survive another day or week on my own”



"A doula \DOO-luh\ offers emotional , practical and signposting support to someone before, during, and after childbirth"


The term doula originates from the Greek term, doule, meaning to serve.  Typically associated with births, the world of the postpartum doula is just opening up to the mainstream.  Whilst in traditional communities across the world, to serve and nurture a new mother postpartum is the norm, here in the West it is a forgotten ritual.  


A postpartum doula typically provides emotional and practical support to new mothers and families, providing bespoke services depending on what that family needs after the birth of their child. 


If you are interested to learn more and see if I would be a match to come and support you, click below.

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