Birth Doula Support

Welcome to Motherhood

Full Birth Support


This package is designed to enhance your antenatal, birth and postpartum knowledge so you feel empowered for your birth and postpartum and able to advocate for yourself, whatever your birth looks like. All with the physical support of having me with you during your labour and birth. 


You will receive:

  • Three in-person antenatal sessions covering birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding but are designed specifically for your knowledge and discussion needs
  • On-call period from 38 weeks to the birth of your baby
  • One two hour postpartum session 
  • One 90-minute session for breastfeeding support OR full birth debrief


Why Mother Nurture

With my experience as a mother, and as a doula, I offer you kindness, compassion, and a wealth of knowledge from hours spent honing my skills and offerings.  I am passionate about you following your intuition, and finding the way that is right for you. My role is as your supporter, your companion, your reminder to check in with yourself. 


I will provide you with that continuity of care, right from when you book me.  I will listen to you, validate your experiences and feelings, and hold space for you to feel into them.  As your doula I will signpost evidence-based research and share my experiences with you in the hope that they allow you to find what feels right for you and your family.

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